Scale advantage

Factory area is about 35,000 square meters. 

We have five panel furniture production lines and about 80 production workers

Technical advantages

All products, we use environment-friendly materials and the good quality hardware.

Quality advantage

Woody fragrance, Zegu Runjin; longevity, refreshing

Woody fragrance, Zegu Runjin; longevity, refreshing

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Health, green, comfort, safety and environmental protection are the basic aspirations of people, and wood care is the role of wood in protecting and improving human health.
Health, green, comfort, safety and environmental protection are the basic aspirations of people, and wood care is the role of wood in protecting and improving human health. Long-term and natural wood get along, can prolong life, make people happy, the whole house is customized, Zonghui home wood is your best choice!
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Our trading partners are all over the world, main markets: Europe, South America, Africa, Middle-East, Southeast Asia, and so on.

Our sales range